TSDB Annual Conferences

2018 Taiwanese Society of Developmental Biology Conference

Date:2018/08/31 ~2018/09/01

Organizer:Chang Gung University

Venue:10th Floor, The First Medical Building, 10th Floor Chang Gung University 259 Wen-Hua 1st Road, Kwei-Shan, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Important Date

Deadline of Online Registration:2018/09/01 (Sat)

Abstract Submission Deadline
Oral:2018/08/15 (Wed)
Poster:2018/08/15 (Wed)
Oral+Poster:2018/08/15 (Wed)
Invited Speaker:2018/08/15 (Wed)

Notification to Author:2018/08/15 (Wed)


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4.贊助廠商募集中 : 2018年發育生物學研討會招商文件

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6.Student talk : 演講12分鐘 回答問題3分鐘

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The 2018 Developmental Biology Retreat is the premier meeting for developmental biologists in Taiwan and welcomes the participation of students, postdocs, research staff, and PIs. The conference will be held on Aug. 31 –Sept. 1, 2018 at Chang Gung University. This year’s retreat features two experts on cellular specialization and regeneration, Dr. Cheng-Ming Chuong from USC and Dr. Phillip Newmark from the Morgridge Institute, as keynote speakers. There will also be ample opportunities for attendees to exchange ideas and forge collaborations. Please come and share your research with the community and learn about the latest research in a wide range of model organisms including birds, fish, flies, mammals, planarian, plants, and worms.


Keynote speakers

Dr. Cheng-Ming Chuong, University of Southern California

Dr. Phillip Newmark, Morgridge Institute for Research

Invited speakers

Dr. Hsin-Hung David Chou, National Taiwan University

Dr. Donald Fox, Duke University

Dr. Ming-Chia Lee, National Yang-Ming University

Dr. Chung-Yi Nien, National Central University

Dr. Huang-Lung Tsai, National Taiwan University

Dr. Chang-Yi Wu, National Sun Yat-sen University

Dr.Sebastian D. Fugmann, Chang Gung University



2018 DBT Program English 



一年一度的發育生物學研討會,今年將於2018.8.31-9.1於長庚大學舉行。今年大會邀請的主題講者,為任職於美國南加州大學的鍾正明院士以及Morgridge Institute 的Phillip Newmark主任,他們分別利用鳥類羽毛研究細胞特化,以及以擅長再生的渦蟲研究細胞的重編,而細胞再生與重編的機制,也將為此次研討會重點討論的議題。此外,此次研討會也冀望能促進國內外發育生物學家之交流與合作,因此亦安排多位國內外研究不同模式生物的年輕學者與會分享近期研究成果,歡迎所有對於發育生物學有興趣的老師、學生等,都一起來共襄盛舉!



鍾正明院士 美國南加州大學

Dr. Phillip Newmark, Morgridge Institute for Research



國立台灣大學 周信宏助理教授

Dr. Donald Fox, Duke University

國立陽明大學 李敏嘉助理教授

國立中央大學 粘仲毅助理教授

國立台灣大學 蔡皇龍助理教授

國立中山大學 吳長益副教授

長庚大學 傅崇安教授(Dr.Sebastian D. Fugmann)



2018 DBT Program English 







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